Computer Repairs

If your computer is damaged in some way then don't despair, it might not be as bad as you think. It could just need the replacement of a part in your machine or just a re-install of the operating system. If it is 'dead' then it might be that the information on it is recoverable to transfer to a new computer - don't lose all your old data!


These days viruses are very common and the consequences of having a virus on your PC can be grave. You should have ant-virus software installed on your computer to protect against the possibility of getting a virus but sometimes it happens anyway.

Malware & Adware

Sometimes you can be infected with malware, this is a broad umbrella term that includes viruses but generally is software that when installed on your PC will allow access to your computer without your consent! Trojan horses and Spyware also fall into this category. Adware, generally pops up annoying adverts, sometimes so often that it gets in the way of everything you want to do.

All these can be cured and you should get rid of them as soon as possible before they cause damage, steal your personal details or your money!

If you have a problem call us and we can do something about it.