If your PC is a little sluggish and needs a refresh, spring clean, more memory or disk space then we can help.

When your PC gets slow there is usually a simple explanation ... and a cure.

If the hard drive gets full Windows will slow to a crawl, you will get error messages about running out of virtual memory and using it will become difficult. While you can throw away unwanted files to make space we all accumulate more music, pictures and other files as time goes on and replacing the hard drive with a bigger one is usually the best option and these days not an expensive one.

More RAM (system memory) can usually be added to speed things up, especially if you use several applications at the same time, if you flip between email, web browser and spreadsheet for example, then having more memory will speed things up. Again it's not usually expensive to buy more.

A more radical step would be to replace the motherboard and processor in your system. This will definitely give the biggest improvement in speed though will probably cost the most too, that said it will be far less than buying a new PC!
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