Having lived here since 2005, we realised that when it comes to 'talking computers' in french lots of ex-pats struggle. With technical subjects it is always easier to speak to someone in your own language no matter how proficient you are in French. The idea for Marciac Informatique was born and since April 2009 our client database is rapidly growing (see 'about us' for experience).

English being our first language, but having a fairly high competence in French means you can talk to us about all things technical and if necessary we can then converse with the appropriate services e.g. France Telecom / Orange / SFR and the like, to provide a seamless service.

So whether you need Internet and telephone service setup in your new home, a website designed and hosted, access to iPlayer in France or repairing a virus or computer problem we can help.

Call (Mobile) 06 06 42 80 76 or click on the contact us form.